Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dungeon defenders - Waves and waves of free kills !

So I picked up dungeon defenders yesterday or rather downloaded it from steam, the game had an early release due to the publishers being unable to wait for the official release time, much like myself and im sure majority of the people who have been following this game !

So if your wondering "should i buy this game?". Ask your self "Do you enjoy coop play ?" if you answered "yes" then get it ! Its one of the best multiplayer online experiences this year, on top of that its relatively inexpensive too !

You can play either a sorcerer, squire, huntress or monk depending on your selecting will determine your role in the party. But fear not if two of your friends love one class they can both play the same class in multiplayer.

So to begin with you customize your character, you can change the skin tone to anything from green to blue (And in some cases purple...) you can also change the colour of your clothing and highlights to add a little bit of diversity between you and the other characters.

So once your character is ready your happy. Your ready to enter the battle, armed with towers, upgrades and a bid weapon you can choose to wade in swinging or be more tactical and build towers, majority of people seem to enjoy the wade in swinging approach to the game... much like my self.

With that said, there are "elite" or boss mobs which appear at waves to add an add additional challenge to the content, below is a video of me and 3 friends playing to be met with our first ogre !

So i hope this gives you an insight into the game, i have been very very brief in this post so check my channel for more gameplay !

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