Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Battlefield 3 - gameplay and commentary (laser pens bro ?)

Hello everyone,

I have been playing battlefield 3 now for some time and i have to say im loving it, While i would like to produce alot more content on the game unfortunately life is getting in the way of my games at the moment (And video making) which is why its slowed down a little.

None the less and sobbing over i did manage to get some battlefield 3 gameplay for you to enjoy:

I have also been working on a little something for the side lines now, websites that is ! One of them being laser pen uk, as you might have guessed its a website that deals in laser pens for the UK. Link below so if you are interested in laser pens and want one then give it a go :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Battlefield 3 first impressions

Hello everyone,

So i got my self a copy of the battlefield 3 limited edition on the PC which i have been playing (and loving!), I created a video out of my first 2 games to give an overview of my experiences online and with the dreaded origin. As a game battlefield would have been much better without origin... but my video explains all. Enjoy !

Monday, November 7, 2011

A busy gaming weekend - league of legends, dungeon defenders and other.

Hi guys, So last weekend i had a really busy gaming weekend which resulted in me uploading a total of 6 new videos. So here i am about to share them with you.

The first video is me playing the one and only league of legends as warwick, i have been playing warwick for some time now getting used to the way he plays and developed my own little jungling route i would like to share. I talk about the items to use with warwick and the way to kill the jungle mobs.
You can see the video here:
or of cause:

Next up we have me playing dungeon defenders which i have released alot of videos on very recently; in this video i solo the last boss - not anything skill based, simply showing people how i go about it.
Video located:
or here:

Hope you enjoyed this weekends releases.
As always you can locate my channel at:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unboxing of my new chinese tablet

Well i decided to get my self an android tablet, just for web browsing and a little bit of social media (i have a HTC desire for my other games) but i didnt want to pay a premium price.

I imported a chinese tablet not to long ago and made a video about it, i thought i would share it on my blog as i will very shortly be making a video about how it runs and works.

How to jungle as warwick. League of legends.

Well today i made a video on how to jungle as warwick, This is my personal opinion on the best way to do this; pick up cloth armor and 2 health pots at the start of the game, warwick is fantastic at jungling due to his passive attack and skills.
You can either:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Apprentice build for dungeon defenders / guide.

So i have been busy making videos for the one and only dungeon defenders, today's video I'm presenting is of cause the apprentice class.

Well this video is made to help those out who aren't really sure how to build there apprentice or simply looking for some information. The builds are tower, dps and hybrid which i talk about in the video.

Click below to see the video


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dungeon defenders monk character build - with a bonus video ontop.

So I created a video explaining the 3 builds you can perform for monks. With their advantages in the game and how they can effect gameplay.
My personal monk build is the melee focused, something about charging in head strong and swinging a sword that seems appealing to me... says allot about me at the same time I would imagine!
Also the aura focused build providing good support for your party members in healing, and providing respectable damage from your electric aura. Good for defensive play and wanting to keep a distance from the fight.
And finally the hybrid build to offer the mix of both to perform well in both defence and offence!

Watch the video below for more information! :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

More dungeon defenders content for your eyes.

So i have been busy over this weekend but i did manage to squeeze in the time to give a gameplay review of dungeon defenders. Its a little bit different from your traditional review as it more focuses on the gameplay as opposed to the graphics, layout and bugs - in a nutshell its more of a review about what the game has to offer you instead of what it doesn't.

So without further or do here is the video in question !

You can click on the link below

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dungeon defenders - Waves and waves of free kills !

So I picked up dungeon defenders yesterday or rather downloaded it from steam, the game had an early release due to the publishers being unable to wait for the official release time, much like myself and im sure majority of the people who have been following this game !

So if your wondering "should i buy this game?". Ask your self "Do you enjoy coop play ?" if you answered "yes" then get it ! Its one of the best multiplayer online experiences this year, on top of that its relatively inexpensive too !

You can play either a sorcerer, squire, huntress or monk depending on your selecting will determine your role in the party. But fear not if two of your friends love one class they can both play the same class in multiplayer.

So to begin with you customize your character, you can change the skin tone to anything from green to blue (And in some cases purple...) you can also change the colour of your clothing and highlights to add a little bit of diversity between you and the other characters.

So once your character is ready your happy. Your ready to enter the battle, armed with towers, upgrades and a bid weapon you can choose to wade in swinging or be more tactical and build towers, majority of people seem to enjoy the wade in swinging approach to the game... much like my self.

With that said, there are "elite" or boss mobs which appear at waves to add an add additional challenge to the content, below is a video of me and 3 friends playing to be met with our first ogre !

So i hope this gives you an insight into the game, i have been very very brief in this post so check my channel for more gameplay !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gold making for world of warcraft.

So i have decided in this blog post to update some gold making videos for world of warcraft. This footage was shot in patch 4.2 but I cant see why i wouldn't be effective in 4.3 either.

Enjoy !

Skinning for over 2000g per hour.

Solo molten core for massive gold

Gold guide / tip - 500+ gold an hour !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to the start of my blog.

So let me first welcome you to my gaming blog - sharing movies and video's I create from youtube and provide updates to various plans and of cause new videos from this blog.

You can find my channel here by clicking here

So the channel is of cause content relating to game releases and new content releases with reviews, game play and "let's play" series. I have some machinima content too making it a very variety channel as opposed to focusing on one area - which provides entertainment value across all areas (win !).

 So here is a sample of some of my videos:

Firstly here is my half review and half game play behind the fantastic game "Orcs must die !"

I also have a selection of gold farming videos for world of warcraft:


And last but not least, one of my machinima trailer:

So please check me out on youtube - either follow my posts on the blog or pass by on my youtube channel !